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Friday, August 11, 2006

Humans are BAD!!!

The older human, she shut me out all day, because she had an important phone call and didn't want me to distract her. BAD HUMAN! She is my slave! How dare she lock me out!!
This morning, for a change, the teenage girl human was up early before the older human. She was eating her breakfast, so I rushed over to the door and started scratching like crazy to be let in. She kept on saying "No, you'll wake mum up!", but after a while she let me in. So, then I howled for a while for my tuna, but she didn't take any notice, so eventually I stopped and hopped up on the sofa. And then began thorough grooming.
To get revenge on the older human for locking me out, I sat on all her linen trousers, and groomed myself, so now there's cat hair all over them. HA!
Lots of purrs,
Miss China Paws

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