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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Evil humans!

Do you know what they did?! Well, they bundled me into the cat carrier and shut me in. Then they shoved me into the car. I was howling about treason and kidnap but no other humans came to my rescue! I know! So then, they shut me in a room with one of those things that lots of water comes out of, and left me there for days! I could have starved! My dish didn't smell right, so I couldn't eat! Then, in the middle of the night, I got out! I woke the humans up to pour out my tuna, so I didn 't get to carry out my grand escape plan.
So, after that they let me walk around the house a bit, and I'd just let them know it was my house and that was my basket, when they stuck a lead on me and dragged me outside! I tried to escape by jumping on the fence, but TGH dragged me down.
Then, I'd just gotten over that tramautic experience, when, the next day, they did it AGAIN! I know!
And, oh uh, there comes TGH and older human with the lead...!
Lots of purrs,
Miss China Paws

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